Techno-Ocean Network ( TON )
Who we are and what we do?


 The Techno-Ocean Network (TON) was established on December 5, 2000.
 TON is an organization created on the basis of a network that has been developed over many years by Techno-Ocean, an international convention relating to marine science and technology that has been held twelve times since 1986.
 We have entered an age in which we cannot help but count on the oceans all the more, when seeking solutions to various global-level issues, including environmental problems, as well as resource and energy problems. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that the oceans hold the key to our destiny in the 21st century.
 We must find a way to harmoniously coexist and prosper with the oceans. To address this challenge, people representing industry, academia, and government who are engaged in a broad range of marine-related fields should consider and discuss together. Accordingly, it is first necessary that concerned parties confronting the same problems transcend the boundaries of their specialized fields and industrial sectors, deepen mutual understanding, and exchange and share information so as to discuss these problems from wider perspectives.
 We would therefore like to develop TON as a venue for discussing a wide variety of issues, for information exchange and communication among persons involved in ocean-related fields, and as an organization engaged in activities to nurture young people, who will play a leading role in the next generation. We also hope that TON will evolve as a representative network for marine-related people not only of Japan, but also of the Asia-Pacific region.
 We ask your generous understanding and kind support in this endeavor.


Member:Any person with active professional interest in the ocean-related fields. ¥3,000/unit/year.

Organizational Member:Any organization, including institutions and business firms, endorsing the objectives and activities of TON. ¥50,000/unit/year.

*Members' fee with plural units and/or years payments at one time is welcomed.



1.TON hosts a biennial international convention, "Techno-Ocean" conference and exhibition, and Members may enjoy their own rate of registration fee.

2.TON publishes quarterly newsletter, "Techno-Ocean News". Not only the Members but also other associate members and relevant corporation will be served.

3.TON provides social and educational programs, particularly in the year with no Techno-Ocean convention, in order to encourage young generations to upgrade their interest on ocean science and technology for building broader base of human resource development.

4.Any activity and service be of importance for the purpose of TON is performed and promoted in the cooperation with other concerned organizations.