Greetings by the Chair of Techno-Ocean Network

Chairman, Techno-Ocean Network


I was elected and appointed as the new chairman at the annual assembly and board meeting on 21st November. My name is Takashi YAMAUCHI of Taisei Corporation.

Currently, I am also serving as the Committee Chair for Ocean Resources on the Federation of Economic Organizations. As with TON the Federation forms a network across a wide range of fields to bring the expertise of researchers and organizations together to nurture new forms of research and development. I think this is the ideal way forward for ocean development.
My own specialty is in architecture and, although my work has not had much direct connection with the ocean, I would like to contribute what useful knowledge, experience and network contacts I do have for the benefit of TON and its activities.

Needless to say, our country is blessed with the outstanding treasure resources of our all-surrounding oceans and we have high expectations for them. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, the public’s interest in how we secure our energy supplies has increased, for example, for creating renewable energy systems such as off-shore wind farms. Likewise the pace of development towards new energy and mineral resources, e.g. methane hydrate or hydrothermal deposits in the exclusive economic zone is increasing. Furthermore, in the fishing industry, the style of fish farming is shifting away from simply catching young fish towards a more comprehensive farming process that begins with egg incubation. Current times dictate that we must create systems away from conventional approaches and take a different point of view. 

I believe that it is here that TON’s strength as a network comes into full play. Not only are individual experts from various different fields able to approach issues and solutions independently, but they can also fuse their knowledge, skills and experience through the network. This is what is needed if we are to answer the needs of a complex and continuously evolving society.

From now on, the significance of TON’s very existence can be expected to grow greater still. I will therefore do my utmost to improve the added value nature of the network and to contribute to TON’s further development. I ask everybody to continue your kind support.